Dialogue Through Drawing


February 12, 2016-April 17, 2016

Rachel Saul worked with metalsmith and sculptor, Katie Rearick, on the collaborative exhibition, “Dialogue Through Drawing.”  As an engaged couple, they have employed conversation drawing to dialogue with one another.

Having been given the opportunity for a collaborative exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, they decided to delve further into the process.  Through the art therapy directive of “conversation drawings” they 30 minutes to one hour per day having a conversation through drawing, for the period of one month, prior to the exhibition.  Doing this allowed them to communicate through lines, shapes, and images on a 15ft sheet of paper. No words were spoken as a quiet, meditation like connection unfolded between the pair.

Once this process was complete, each of them looked at the drawing to see which components resounded most to as individuals.  From there, Rachel created a monotype suite of prints, while Katie made a series of metal sculptures to support and envelope the prints.

During the exhibition, the couple began another drawing on second piece of paper, visiting the gallery weekly to add to the narrative. Additionally, a small table was set up in the exhibition space for viewers to participate in their own conversation drawings. To follow the entire process, visit Dialogue Through Drawing.