Garfield Alive: A Livable Neighborhood

Rachel worked with colleague Yu-San Cheng to develop a community arts project that conversed with residents about the ideas of redevelopment and place-making.

Rachel and Yu-San believe in the heart of a community, its people.  Recently, Pittsburgh and it’s neighborhoods have been experiencing drastic changes, almost daily.  With their project, Garfield Alive, they hoped to engage residents in a continued conversation about their own imaginations for their neighborhood; partnering with community members to stay invested in and advocate for community centric redevelopment.

To complete the project, Rachel and Yu-San interviewed youth at Assemble programs along with adults, enlisting the help of Kirsten Rispin to capture voice recordings.  Doing this the team learned what the residents love about Garfield; and what changes they think would be beneficial to their neighborhood.  Once the community shared their thoughts, Rachel and Yu-San painted a series of small representative tiles to display the and dreams for Garfield.  On a Saturday afternoon, youth participating in a Crafternoon were invited to paint similarly sized tiles, which were then displayed next to the ones that Rachel and Yu-San prepared.  On the center of the exhibition wall, Rachel and Yu-San put together a series of larger panels and created a map of Garfield, asking residents and guests to Assemble to add their own imaginations for the neighborhood.

A blog with in-progress posts and photos can be found at: Garfield Alive